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HDF Door - Highlands

HDF DOOR - ​​new materials, new quality.

Store new HDF, new quality.

HDF doors - wood doors are the most favored in Vietnam

Industrial wood doors - door HDF is confirmed by the real value of the material and its price, will gradually replace the kind of wood is original, and very scarce on the market with this but still gives a Vietnamese traditional advantages, giving the feeling of luxury and modern in your home.

HDF Door with special structural engineering, applied new technologies. Material is made of wood technology modification and coupling rods, and combined with the material does not warp, shrink, thereby HDF doors are relatively cheap, while ensuring quality, durability with beautiful designs, rich and diverse ...

HDF door - features:

- Ability to sound , does not warp , shrink very good .

- Sample code is beautiful and diverse .

- Support increased longevity metal accessories .

- To limit costs , raw material savings .

- HDF door gasket used specialized system , the calibration hinges , brass fittings system of helping ensure airtight doors open smoothly .

- The system of industrial coating line fully automated , which helps protect wood better , increase life expectancy and improve the product's aesthetic .

- Reasonable price products .

HDF is a breakthrough revolutionary in industrial production and wood processing . The doors are made ​​of HDF has become a standard room door in the industrial and civil use in advanced countries like the U.S. , Korea , Japan ... In Vietnam , known as HDF door choice number one priority in the interior door .

Please contact the AsiaDoor for advice on : feng shui size ( age ) , color ( in sight of the house ) , and Model of your liking .

 Please contact : Showroom No. 100 Bach Dang company - Ward 24 - Binh Thanh District , Ho Chi Minh - City .

 Phone : 08 3511 3980 - 08 38040137

Fax : (08) 3899 1133

Email :

Website :

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