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Government HDF Veneer Door


Government HDF Veneer Door - New, more new choices.

  The reason you choose HDF veneer door at Asiadoor?


This product line is the most advanced premium features Vietnamese outside of HDF wooden door, HDF door veneer in Asiadoor (including doors and door veneer coating Veneer HDF flat) also laminated veneer door is completely natural should form, color full as natural wood. Design, the entire line of doors is very sharp, uneven and luxury.

Government Structure HDF Veneer Door ? The difference compared with natural wood doors .


HDF Veneer Door Government at Asiadoor is composed entirely of natural wood doors and HDF doors . Wood veneer is sliced ​​thin entirely from natural wood , with thickness only 1Rem to 2 cups . However, to complete a product HDF veneer door , we need to make a lot of the next paragraph . Veneer plate is first pressed into the wood remains as planks , HDF and MDF ... to form large wooden boards . From this new process and conduct various models designed according to customer requirements .

The advantage of the Vietnamese Government HDF Veneer Door at the surface to Asiadoor is beautiful , the sharp ridges . Class of treated wood is resistant to warping and termites all very good , sound insulation , high heat ; every model on demand , construction time quickly ... Especially HDF veneer door prices [ here ] much cheaper than the price of natural wood doors , but the product quality is assured with reliable and stable high- level , well suited to make the apartment door , room door .

Please contact for advice to AsiaDoor Government HDF Veneer Door to: feng shui size (age), color (in sight of the house), and Model of your liking.

Please contact: Showroom No. 100 Bach Dang company - Ward 24 - Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh-City.

Phone: 08 3511 3980 - 08 38040137

Fax: (08) 3899 1133



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