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The owner ( male ) born 1959 lunar year festivals , local carpentry par average of Smart hell . Steps of Feng Shui as follows :

Determine the center .

Position adjustable door in the northwest , namely providing Kien , are being provided financial Pig , manic happiness . In Bagua , the northwest Dien Nien ( mercy ) is very good with monster Wise .


Smart Homeowners monster opening the Kien direction ( northwest ) is Nien Dien , said the " celestial glory landlords original goal ." Meaning: subjects are natural skylight , referring to the training facility to address the land , referring to Wise . Owner at Wise , doors at Kien 's house rich , glorious . From the boundary conditions to the Wise was thrice Dien Nien .

Nien Dien Forest wise mutual elected to bring vitality to the west blame , who to salute , the husband and wife work ( have the yin and yang ) , a flawless , pious children , grandchildren Virtue , a wealthy glorious , often life long unto donated gifts , be rewarded ...

choose kitchen

Choose the Smart Kitchen ( South West ) . Kitchen and Home Kun Kun , for ant ( Northwest mutual positive and negative enough Dien Nien at the prime position , it can increase the good quality of the electric scout year ( select option ) .

Kitchen located at Doi ( North East) . Kien door in the kitchen Near East North West Northern Thua Thien Y is a powerful spirit being in the kitchen , to eliminate any illness or accident . Thien Tho y forest land registered to the sewing area , are good men and women in the good , the reality is often beneficial things. Apartment Kitchen Wisdom variables with all the extra gas is good .

Regarding colors , materials

Homeowners born 1959 , par per site carpentry . According to the Five Elements theory should take the color of water ( aquatic crust) , the color of the water of gray ( blue-gray color and tile ) or gray ( the color of the exterior walls by reducing the chroma white outside ) . Also take care color also . According to that principle , they can be factors in fire colors ( red wood ) . Material , the same material used to face lot of wood for wood , metals limited indoor use .

During sleep , the scouts Wise ( West quad ) should be facing west quarter of the West , Northwest , Southwest are good .

Daughter born in 1985 , in Lunar Ox Yi , par Kim Hai Trung , Dong Quai Glass of blame . The East Quartet should choose to blame China for the room . Specifically , should select small rear bedroom of the 3rd floor .

Of color , people of color should be bright metal . The color of metal is white , yellow ( the five elements principle to bear metal ) or dark brown color of the water . Number 3 is favorable solution , 2 and 7 are good .

The son was born in 1994, the lunar year of the Dog , the face paint fire , hell Qian blame the West . The West Central Quartet should choose the blame for the room . Specifically , should choose the floor outside the bedroom 3 . Bed Guide to North West, South West are good .

Regarding color , the face of Mars should use red , purple fire . Use green wood by biochemical principles , or yellow text on soil biochemical principles are good ( according to the five principles of mutual support ) .

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