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When a fire occurs , the ignition of the wind usually blows in the last house . Also because of the adverse factors mentioned above , the house at the end of the road , the end of the lane often considered hung Minister .

The house at the end of a dead end and have many good elements . First, when outside , forced to go through another door , very inconvenient . The second is risky . The dead end that is not the way to go , if you want to go out just by coming back. Therefore, if there is a fire , but the house comes from the outside , it will take way out bits .

Generally , people prefer to choose the dead end thinking that there will be safe , but in reality there will be subject to the limitations of the architecture . The last lane is often not easy to build beautiful homes in other locations .

If reluctantly forced to build a house here , you remember this: the first and most necessary to save the path behind the house to prevent if there is a fire escape route .

( According Xzone )

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