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AsiaDoor - Vision

 With aspirations are pioneers in their field of activity , AsiaDoor has not stopped growing , the new technology , improve , skilled workforce , creating the best product , nice design best , most suitable for any space , any customer demand , towards economic group -based multidisciplinary platform for sustainable development .

AsiaDoor always wanted to assert Vietnamese brand , stature and expressed the pride of Vietnam .

Our Mission

 With market : AsiaDoor will create high-quality products , reputation , unique and highly creative . Aside from the value outstanding quality , every product will contain AsiaDoor cultural messages , the maximum satisfaction of every customer .

 With Client: Asiadoor always increase the value of the investment attractiveness and sustainability in a spirit of cooperation and development - committed to becoming " The No. 1 companion " of partners .

 For employees : building a professional working environment , dynamic , creative , friendly , facilitating high income , equal opportunities for development .

 With society : Active participation of community oriented activities , harmonizing business benefits with social benefits .

Customer say about us
  • ""Mr. Tu Bui""

    The products and services of our Asiadoor really feel secure about their choices. I wish you success

  • ""Mrs. Tong Thi Cam Loan""

    AsiaDoor it? I love the staff here. Very professional, friendly and enthusiastic.

  • ""Mr. Tuan""

    We are assured of Asiadoor product.

  • ""Mr Tan""

    AsiaDoor always been my No. 1 partner

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